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What are the differences between cold and flu symptoms?

This fall, cold and flu symptoms are likely to impact millions of patients each year. While the symptoms of both common colds and flu are very similar, the results of each illnesses can have varying impacts on overall health.

Understanding the main differences between colds and the flu virus, as well as their unique symptoms, can help patients determine the best course of treatment. Usually, at home rest is enough to wait-out irritable cold and flu symptoms but certain patient groups may need extensive treatment options.

Below is a basic breakdown of how colds and flu symptoms can impact patients as well as an available option for treatment!

Cold and flu symptoms are very similar, even though they are different viruses

Most patients are likely to confuse a common cold with the flu virus, but both are caused by different types of viruses.

Common colds are caused by a rhinovirus, which is a type of virus that travels through airborne means and infects patients through the nose. A rhinovirus can lead to the usual range of cold and flu symptoms including sneezing, coughing, sniffling, sore throat, and similar types respiratory irritation.

The flu is caused by influenza, one of the most potent seasonal viruses in this day and age. Estimates suggest that flu viruses like influenza A and B are the direct cause of nearly 40 million flu-related illnesses each year. When patients are infected with the flu they also experience a wide variety of respiratory irritation like sneezing and coughing, as well as significant fatigue.

However, a flu virus is more likely to cause a significant health impact on patients with chronic health issues. Common colds can sometimes create debilitating symptoms on vulnerable patients, but flu viruses can have serious impact on certain patients. For example, a patient with asthma or an auto-immune deficiency may require coordinated care or even a hospital stay if they have the flu.

Cold and flu symptom treatment is available at Instant Urgent Care San Ramon!

Patients that require immediate relief for cold and flu symptoms can get nearby urgent care in San Ramon, via Instant Urgent Care!

Instant Urgent Care is staffed with provider teams that can help address both long-term and immediate healthcare needs for local patients and families. When flu season begins to roll around, it helps to have a local urgent care provider in order to help get the treatment you need ASAP! Services such as flu shots are a great way to help keep you and your family members healthy and flu-free this season.

Additionally, we can also provide fast cold and flu symptom relief for patients before sneezing and fatigue worsens! If you have any questions, please contact our team immediately so you can get the care you need, ASAP!