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What are the Best Benefits of a Walk-in Clinic?

You’ve probably noticed that the amount of urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are on the rise. The sudden increase in popularity of the walk-in clinic is no coincidence though! More and more people have begun to recognize the benefits that can be found in an urgent care instead of an ER. If you’re ready to take advantage of this new medical development, check-out the potential benefits!

Patient Distribution

Urgent care centers have worked to distribute patients more evenly, rather than all of the patients crowding into the ER. This benefits both the ER and urgent care. Patients who truly need emergency care are able to receive it more efficiently, and those who need prompt care that doesn’t qualify as an emergency will spend less time sitting in a waiting room. Sprains, infections, fever, and other mild conditions are some of the most common cases seen in a walk-in clinic.

Speed of Treatment

The average time a patient will spend in an urgent care is less than an hour. By contrast, it’s not uncommon to sit in an ER waiting room for an hour or more before you’re ever seen! This speedy treatment allows patients to get the care they need without disrupting their life any more than necessary. Four out of every five urgent care centers now offer treatment for more severe injuries such as fractures, all at a much faster speed than the ER could!

Lower Cost

Urgent care centers are helping to lower the amount of medical debt patients find themselves in. The cost of a walk-in clinic is a fraction of that in an emergency room. Many urgent cares offer STD testing online, physicals, and even lab services at a lower cost than a hospital can. This cost encourages people with less serious injuries to choose the urgent care over the ER which helps even more with the patient distribution we discussed above.

Quality Treatment

A walk-in clinic may be cheap and fast, but is it quality care? The short answer is yes! Urgent care centers employee highly experienced doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses to treat their patients. If the staff feels that they aren’t able to provide the care that you need, they can transfer you to the ER or refer a physician that specializes in your area of need. Choosing an urgent care doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing the quality of treatment you’re receiving!