Top Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers

If you have seasonal spring allergies, spring cleaning might be more of a chore for you than it is for most people. Some common spring cleaning tactics can actually make your allergies worse instead of better. How’s that for tough luck?

Fortunately, there are plenty of steps allergy sufferers can take to keep their homes allergen-free, while still getting them ready for fun in the sun all spring and summer long! You’ll find our top four tips in this guide.

Invest in Allergen Barrier Bedding

Pollen and other outdoor allergens can easily make their way into your bed, even if you just lay your clothes on it after a long day outdoors. Buying allergen barrier bedding is a great way to combat common allergens from making you sick while you sleep.

Pro tip: Covering furniture in entryways and mudrooms with washable slipcovers is another excellent way to prevent allergens from entering your home.

Keep Your Windows Closed

As appealing as it can be to let fresh springtime air in by opening your windows, it’s not a great idea for allergy sufferers. Pollen can quite literally invade your home through open windows, so it’s best to keep them shut as much as possible.

If you want to freshen your home naturally, try putting some orange slices in water on your stove or using essential oils in a diffuser.

Make Sure Bathrooms Are Mold-Free

Bathrooms can be veritable petri dishes for bacteria and mold, thanks to their steamy, wet surfaces. To make sure your bathrooms aren’t harboring mold that is making your allergies worse, regularly clean all surfaces and grout with a product specifically engineered for mold removal.

Wash Winter Clothes

If you stow your winter clothes as part of your annual spring cleaning routine, make sure you run them through the washer first. This gets rid of any allergens that may be present in the fibers. You should also purchase zippered bags for storage; this will keep your clothes dust-free until cold weather sets in again.

Spring cleaning is a rite in many households. Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to stay healthy while you get your home prepped for warmer weather!  

If you still experience a flareup, be sure to visit Instant Urgent Care for treatment.  We knew seasonal allergies can get the best of patients during this time of year, which is why we’re here to make sure you can wake up and smell the roses without reaching for a tissue.  For more information about our services, please call us at 408-687-4806.