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The (Additional) Health Benefits of Primary Care

Most people think of their annual physical when the term “primary care” comes up. While it’s true that primary care providers perform annual physicals for their patients, it is important to know that these providers provide other additional healthcare services.

Primary care physicians can provide additional health and wellness screenings, preventive exams, and administer seasonal vaccinations to help improve your overall health. However, the extra health benefits of primary care extend well beyond just medical care.

Many primary care doctors can also work to help you meet other healthcare-related goals such as eating healthier, maintaining a healthy weight, and improving other wellness activities.

Here is a breakdown of some of the additional benefits of primary care:

Primary care providers can refer patients to wellness specialists

Visiting a primary care provider is much more than getting a checkup or reviewing your medical history. Primary care allows your doctor to recommend and direct you to health and wellness specialists to assist your healthcare goals.

Have a new year’s resolution involving weight loss or healthy eating? A primary care doctor can recommend a nearby nutritionist, dietitian, or a similar specialist to help you with those goals. Want to increase your fitness activity? Primary care doctors can help you find a physical trainer and local gym.

Recently, many primary care providers are emphasizing wellness to help their patients improve their overall health outside the gym. Use wellness referrals from primary care providers to move the needle on your wellness goals!

Primary care offers several preventive screenings separate from annual physicals

An annual physical usually goes over past medical problems and evaluates developing health conditions. But patients can request primary care for other preventive services as necessary.

Primary care providers can perform additional screenings based on any troubling symptoms you may have. For example, you can schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to examine biometric measures such as blood pressure, heart rate, and weight to evaluate any chronic conditions you have.

In addition, extra appointments with your primary care office may include cancer screenings, STD screenings, and laboratory services to evaluate your current healthcare status. Ultimately, a primary care provider aims to perform as many preventive and helpful healthcare services for a patient as possible.

From wellness to overall health, primary care can provide a holistic healthcare solution based on your personal needs. Make sure to take advantage of the additional health benefits of primary care!