telemedicine visit for a patient at Instant Urgent Care

Telemedicine Visits and Improved Patient Care

Telemedicine is one of the easiest ways in which patients can get primary, urgent, or pediatric care. In fact, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 is now opening new pathways for medical providers to continue providing urgent care services even when patients need to stay at home or in quarantine. That is why we are proud to announce that Instant Urgent Care is providing telemedicine visits for our patients to get care.

If you are not sure about telemedicine, or how providers can administer care, please refer to our telemedicine services lists to learn more! Here you can quickly schedule a new visit and see what types of services you can get through a virtual visit! Below we’ve also compiled a list of FAQs related to telemedicine and how the provider team at Instant Urgent Care can do to give you the care you need immediately!

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the delivery of medical services, evaluations, and consults through video and digital means. All a patient needs to conduct a telemedicine visit is a computer with working audio and an internet broadband connection. Most personal laptops offer a webcam as well, which can connect to the internet and provide video/audio for patients.

Telemedicine visits have been rising in popularity as both patient and providers alike can adopt digital technologies effectively. Most adults regardless of age are capable of using the internet to make audio/video calls, as the use of internet-connected devices has increased. Providers now have the training to use digital tools to provide consults, exams, and evaluations of a patient’s symptoms through a remote connection.

The main purpose of telemedicine is for patients that can’t normally go to the doctor’s office to effectively find high-quality care. As a strong reminder, a clearer and better connection through the internet allows a provider to fully evaluate your physical symptoms and understand your needs vocally.

Telemedicine services

At Instant Urgent Care, we provide telemedicine consults for all of our main services including the following:

Primary Care:

Urgent Care:

Pediatric Care:

  • Routine and Annual Check-Ups 
  • Height and Weight Check 
  • Weight Management and Obesity Management 
  • Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Metabolic Exams 

Telemedicine and COVID-19 Evaluation

At Instant Urgent Care, or provider teams understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most pressing global healthcare crisis, which has led to self-quarantine across Santa Clara county. Patients that need to get testing for the coronavirus due to contact with a COVID-19 patient requires a telemedicine visit at Instant Urgent Care

Our team cannot test patients that don’t meet initial clinical guidelines. Please refer to our home page to learn about COVID-19 telemedicine visits. We want to ensure that all patients have a safe, secure, and healthy way to get the care they during a global healthcare emergency. Please contact our team for further questions about telemedicine services and COVID-19.