Stock Agistment Agreement

In the absence of a written agreement covering non-payment of fees, the Impounding of Livestock Act 1994 allows a landowner to pledge an agile horse in the event of late payment and to take steps to sell, sell or destroy the horse in the event of late payment. Many landowners retain these rights in agist contracts and stud farmers often demand the right to sell offspring and update documents such as stud books and race papers. The agreement must have the names and signatures of the parties, the date of their signature, the period to which the agreement applies and a description of what is agreed. The two most relevant for situations of agistment are when a person: Cassie O`Bryan of Madgwicks Lawyers stated that “a formal written agreement between the parties is always a good start for any aistment relationship, as the owner is warned of the consequences of non-payment and both parties agree on the services to be provided.┬áThe use of a written behavior agreement is recommended, as it helps horse owners and landowners by presenting their expectations and anticipating problems before they arise. This reduces the likelihood of unsatisfactory outcomes and other legal fees. You can contact your professional association for information on standard contracts and transfer to experienced legal advisors. Agistment can be a mutually beneficial agreement for both landowners and livestock owners. Under legislation on the prevention of cruelty to animals, it is the defence of a farmer`s lawsuit to prove that he entered into an agreement with another person at the time of an alleged offence for that person to care for the animal. “I have used Netlawman twice (my company is in Australia) and both times I have found that they are very knowledgeable and patient and are aware of the details of the agreements I have had to develop. I will use them again for a large number of future projects and I recommend them to any company looking for quality and affordable legal solutions. “Agistment agreements also help solve problems related to non-payment … . .