DOT Physicals in Santa Clara, CA

What are DOT physicals? Who needs a DOT Physical in California? 


A Department of Transportation physical or a “DOT physical” is a required physical exam that evaluates a driver’s ability to safely operate large commercial vehicles.

Trucking companies, towing businesses, and similar types of commercial entities are required to have drivers that meet both Federal DOT and state DOT guidelines for license renewal. Without a DOT physical a commercial driver cannot legally operate a vehicle.

In most cases, the driver is usually the one responsible for making sure their CDL is updated. If a driver is driving a large truck or commercial without an active CDL, then they could face thousands of dollars in fines as well as some jail time.

Any commercial driver should actively plan out dates and schedule their DOT Physical in advance. Planning out a CDL renewal and subsequent physicals allows drivers to remain steadily employed without interruption.

What do DOT physicals examine?


DOT physicals examine key health indicators including chronic diseases, long-term health risks, vision, and other important factors related to driving performance. Specifically, the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) explains that a driver’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle is based on federal health requirements:

    • Vision: Driver’s will need to have 20/40 vision in both eyes at a minimum, with either natural or corrected vision.
    • Hearing: Drivers with average hearing loss lower than 40 decibels at 500 Hz, and 1,000 Hz, and 2,000 Hz in the better ear with or without hearing aids.
    • Drug and Alcohol use: Drivers cannot get a commercial driver’s license if they are currently experimenting with habit-forming drugs or show clinical signs of alcoholism.
    • Mental Health: Drivers with good mental health that don’t have psychiatric disorders or mental impairments that impact driving will be considered qualified for a DOT physical.
    • Clinical evaluations: DOT physicals also examine if a driver is in good enough health based on diabetes control, cardiovascular health, respiratory system, blood pressure, musculo-skeletal health, and other clinical factors.

However, it is important to know that drivers with certain medical issues can receive medical exemptions if they demonstrate control or management of their current conditions. But DOT physicals are necessary for drivers to get a renewed CDL.

For drivers in California, where can you get an updated DOT physical? A great place to start is at Instant Urgent Care and got your nearest Instant UC location.

Where can commercial drivers get a DOT physical in Santa Clara?

Commercial drivers located in Santa Clara can easily get their DOT physicals at Instant Urgent Care. Any driver that needs a physical can visit on their own schedule and get their exam complete in a few minutes.

Simply visit us at 3466 El Camino Real whenever they need a same-day DOT physicals. Every patient that visits our clinic gets fast and efficient physicals for CDL renewal.

Instant Urgent Care accepts a variety of insurance and offers affordable rates to make DOT physicals accessible for all drivers. Any interested patients should call us directly at 408-791-1210 or use the buttons on the side to get an available appointment.

Every driver should be able to get medical clearance to keep on the road, stay healthy, and maintain their employment with little to no hassle. At Instant Urgent Care, we strive to do just that for drivers across California.