Sample Declaration Of Trust Agreement

After my death (the “end date”), the successor trustees divide the trust fund, as it will then be constituted, into as many equal parts as the children of me who lived or died at that time and who are then represented by living descendants. The survivors of the estate then pay (i) such a part to each of my children who lived at the time, totally and without any confidence, and (ii) such a part to the then living descendants of each of my deceased children, by stirpes, totally and without confidence, subject to the provisions of Article V of this instrument. 3. The term “person” refers to a physical company, a capital company, a corporation, an association, a trust, an estate or any other corporation or organization. 4. Dismissal of small trusts. If, at will, the agent finds, at any time, that the pursuit of trust created under this instrument is unjustified because of its size, the agent may terminate this trust and distribute the balance to the beneficiary or beneficiaries for whom the trust is designated. E. Merger of similar trusts. Notwithstanding the contrary provision contained in this provision, the agent (including potential agents or agents) is entitled to merge all trusts created under this instrument with all other trusts or trusts I have created if the terms of such a trust or trusts are substantially similar and are held for the primary benefit of the same individuals.

3. Investments. To invest and reinvest in shares of any class, bonds, bonds, debt, mortgages or other securities as well as in investment trusts, investment funds and mutual funds, as recommended by the agent, any type of association of companies or savings banks, savings and loans, a credit union or a similar organization or company , whether indoors or indoors. applicable law, but for this provision; 1. Keep the original property. For the time that the agent deems appropriate, the agent may be considered desirable for the agent, even if the preservation of the property would not be appropriate for the agent because of its character, the amount, the share of the total fiduciary property or, in other way, for the agent, outside of this provision; Transfer of trust, tenant in a common agreement or co-ownership agreement.