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WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services.
WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services.

Urgent care for rapid COVID-19 testing

Same-Day Results

Rapid rt-pcr test available:

  • Domestic or International travel clearance.
  • If required by your job/school.

Insurance Accepted | Results in 30 mins – 2 hours.
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International and Domestic COVID
Testing Clearance

How to get tested for rapid rt-pcr test?

  1. Book same-day appointments at the locations given below
  2. Visit the center and get tested.
  3. Access your online results within 30 minutes to 2 hours here.

Choose a location below & click "More Times" to Book a Covid Testing Appointment

What are the COVID-19 testing types available?

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Overview:

Our staff is well-equipped to handle the situation, and advisories on the dos and don’ts, to help prevent the the spread of the coronavirus and patient safety.

We use FDA approved testing equipment and supplies. Our staff wears the appropriate PPE per the CDC guidelines. The exam rooms are properly sanitized after every patient visit.

Our clinics continue to adhere to strict sanitization protocols and our staff members follow the Covid-19 safety protocols. We have also ensured that the sanitization facility is available at our labs for patients as well.

When caring for patients, our staff always makes sure to put on personal protective equipment like masks and gloves to prevent infection and prevent the spread of the disease to others.

Why choose Instant Urgent Care?

* Rapid Antigen and Rt-PCR Tests Available

* Telemedicine appointment available

* Results are available within 30 minutes to 2 hours

* Multiple locations available across California

Rapid Testing Across California

All our our Instant Urgent Care locations offer rapid COVID-19 testing for nearby patients to the following communities. If you need directions or more information please click on the location below:

FAQs About Rapid COVID Testing at Instant Urgent Care: ​

Yes, we are currently offering COVID-19 testing for both antibody testing and rapid testing.
COVID-19 rapid testing detects an active infection of the virus. When patients come in the get either a positive or negative test result. The result determines if the virus is active in your body or if there is no detection of it at all. COVID-19 antibody testing detects the presence of antibodies from a previous COVID infection that determines if a patient has immunity to a virus. Many patients do not need an antibody test right away and would benefit from a rapid test.

Insurances Accepted at Instant Urgent Care: