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Public Health Updates to be Aware of: February 2019 Edition

At Instant Urgent Care, we want to keep you in the loop about important public health updates prevalent to Santa Clara county and California as a whole.

Healthcare risks, diseases, and illness prevalence can dramatically chance over the span of a month as seasonal illnesses, injuries, and other ailments become more or less apparent in local communities.

Below, we’ve highlighted some important public health updates for residents in the Bay Area as well as national health updates:

Flu shots are more effective in 2019 than in most years

A report from NBC News highlighted Centers for Disease Control (CDC) findings that indicate this year’s influenza shot was significantly more effectively than in past years.

In general, the flu vaccine in 2019 was 41 percent effective against major flu strains during peak flu season. By comparison, last year’s vaccine was only 36 percent effective during the same time in 2018.

The CDC also found a noticeable uptick in flu vaccine effectiveness among school-aged children in 2019. The agency estimates that the vaccine for kids as 61 percent effective against most flu viruses.

Ultimately, the flu vaccine still remains the most effective way to prevent the flu and it seems vaccines are only getting better year after year.

New research links unhealthy diets to mental illness

A new study from Loma Linda University School of Public Health found that a diet high in junk food or unhealthy dietary options may likely lead to moderate to unstable mental health issues.

The study involved a survey of California adults and determined that there is a strong link between diet and mental health. Individuals with an unhealthy diet high processed sugars, grains, and fat were more likely to have significant mental disorders including bipolar disorder and depression.

The authors of the study believe that more work needs to be done to determine the significant of diet on mental health and that dietary consumption is an increasingly important part of healthy mental development.

Additionally, unhealthy diets as described by the study authors also contribute to significant chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

Scientists identify the most effective diet to lose weight

Many fad diets promote themselves as the de facto way to lose weight, but scientists have identified the most effective weight loss diets per NBC News.

Healthcare experts identified many effective diets including the DASH diet, mediterranean diet, and a few others that are the best ways for patients to manage obesity. Specifically, health professionals explain that certain diets are better for reaching a clinically-relevant weight loss goal of 5 percent for obese patients.

Changing one’s diet is one of the most impactful ways to reduce obesity, heart disease, storke, hypertension, and other chronic disease risks.