Primary Care in Berkeley, CA

What is Primary Care? 

Primary care by its most basic definition is care provided by physicians at an initial point of contact with a patient. However, primary care is much more than a patient coming for a visit and getting a referral or treatment. 

Primary care providers strive to provide patients with comprehensive health care services for their unique needs. The majority of primary care visits rely on the provider-patient relationship to create the best possible healthcare outcome. 

A strong provider-patient relationship allows a patient to place their trust into a provider to guide through sensitive and pressing healthcare matters. Primary care providers are specially trained in customer service, beside manner, and clinical expertise to make it feel like a trusted friend is guiding your healthcare needs. 

Why do you need Primary Care? 

The benefits of primary care mainly include oversight of your most pressing medical concerns, management of any ongoing chronic conditions, and assurance that your health improves over a steady period of time. 

A few primary care benefits that we highlighted, which patients are likely to find extremely valuable, include: 

  • A continuous source of healthcare from a trusted medical professional, such as annual check ups 
  • The ability to manage medications, adhere to your prescriptions, and ensure your doctor is providing a safe medication for your conditions 
  • Prevention of current medical conditions and referrals to specialists that help improve your overall health 
  • Wellness support for a variety of healthcare needs including mental health, behavioral health, nutritional health, and other wellness services. 

Where can you get Primary Care in Berkeley, CA? 

Patients located in Berkeley, CA thankfully don’t have to look far for a primary care provider: they can come into Instant Urgent Care for primary care needs. 

At Instant Urgent Care, patients can visit us at 3095 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA to enroll in our primary care program. Every patient under our primary care program gets fast, high-quality, and comprehensive medical services that address their unique needs. 

In addition, Instant Urgent Care accepts a variety of insurances and offers affordable rates to make primary care accessible for most patients. Any interested patients should call us directly at 510-495-0772 or use the buttons on the side to get an available appointment. 

Every patient deserves the best primary care experience possible. At Instant Urgent Care, we strive to do just that.