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Instant Urgent Care is here to provide Urgent Care| whenever you need it.

Instant Urgent Care is here to provide whenever you need it.

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2001 McHenry Ave Ste L
Modesto CA 95350

Phone and Contact Info:

‭(209) 900-1799‬

Hours: Urgent Care and COVID Testing

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Lunch Hour: We are closed for lunch from 1:30pm-2:30pm everyday.

Urgent Care Services in Modesto, CA:

COVID-19 Safety Updates

!Coronavirus Important Safety Message!

Please use the button below to view important patient safety updates related to COVID-19 symptoms and risks: 

COVID-19 Safety Update

If You Have Experienced Any Of The Following During The Last 14 Days And Wish To Be Treated, You Must Book A Telemedicine Appointment Online.

1) Been In Contact With A COVID-19-Positive Person.
2) Experienced Fever, Cough, Shortness Of Breath, Sore Throat, Fatigue, Aches & Pains.

*We Are Offering COVID-19 Tests. Your Provider Will Determine If You Need To Be Tested For COVID-19.​

Accessible Testing Across California

Instant Urgent Care is addressing the COVID-19 crisis head on and ensuring that our communities have access to high-quality testing services. 

Safe Urgent Care and COVID Testing Access

At Instant Urgent Care, our patients need a safe place to get urgent care as well as COVID testing. That is why all of our clinics enforce CDC-reccomended guidelines for COVID-safe care including frequent sanitation, social distancing, PPE usage, mask requirements, and more as the pandemic develops. 

Antibody testing  

A blood sample is used to examine a patient for antibodies from a prior COVID-19 infection as part of the antibody testing process. Providers can tell if a patient has COVID-19 antibodies if they have previously had the virus and have become resistant to it. Patients who did not exhibit symptoms but may have come into contact with an infected person may benefit from an antibody test. 


COVID-19 Swab test 

 Swab testing involves taking a sample from the patient using a cotton swab that has been inserted into the throat or nasal passages. Patients who have symptoms, have come into contact with someone who has a known COVID-19 infection, and have traveled within the past two weeks should consider getting a swab test. Antibody testing finds a previous COVID-19, while swab testing helps patients determine if they are currently infected. 

Urgent Care & Primary Care in Tracy, CA

The Rapid COVID-19 test is the quickest method for determining whether the novel coronavirus is present (COVID-19). Rapid COVID testing makes use of a swab, much like a standard diagnostic test. Laboratory testing of a swab is then used to determine whether a viral infection is present or absent. 

Rapid tests have a high degree of accuracy and can provide results to patients on the same day as the test. In contrast to traditional swab tests, our care team is able to swab and receive results on the same day. A typical test’s results won’t likely be available for several days. Our care team can deliver results to patients on the same day as the test thanks to rapid testing. 

Urgent Care Center and Walk-In Clinic in Modesto, CA

Instant Urgent Care in Modesto, CA provides the highest-quality and most efficient urgent care services for patients near Modesto, Bystrom, West Modesto, Rouse, Turlock, Oakdale, Ceres and Salida, CA.  Our urgent care center is focused on creating the most ideal patient experience for individuals, families, and anyone else that needs reliable urgent care services.

Instant Urgent Care aims to provide an idealized and convenient medical experience for patients of all stages of life including parents, children, college students, and senior citizens! 

Stanislaus County residents can access our walk-in clinic for services including pediatric care services, school physicals, and STD testing for patients.

Primary Care in Modesto, CA 

Patients located in Modesto thankfully don’t have to look far for a primary care provider: they can come into Instant Urgent Care for primary care needs. 

The benefits of primary care mainly include oversight of your most pressing medical concerns, management of any ongoing chronic conditions, and assurance that your health improves over a steady period of time. 

A few primary care benefits that we highlighted, which patients are likely to find extremely valuable, include: 

  • A continuous source of healthcare from a trusted medical professional, such as annual check ups 
  • The ability to manage medications, adhere to your prescriptions, and ensure your doctor is providing a safe medication for your conditions 
  • Prevention of current medical conditions and referrals to specialists that help improve your overall health 
  • Wellness support for a variety of healthcare needs including mental health, behavioral health, nutritional health, and other wellness services. 

Urgent Care in Modesto, CA 

Patients located in Modesto, CA thankfully don’t have to look far for an urgent care provider: they can come into Instant Urgent Care for any urgent care needs. 

At Instant Urgent Care, patients can visit us at our walk-in clinic for a variety of immediate care needs. Every patient gets fast, high-quality, and comprehensive medical services anytime they require urgent care!

STD Testing in M0desto, CA 

Instant Urgent Care also provides comprehensive STD testing for patients located around Modesto, CA. Whenever patients that are sexually active need to get a second opinion on any STD concern that you may have. We recommend that patients get their immediate STD tests at our walk-in clinic, where we offer respectful and private STD clinics for your needs. 

If you have questions, please consult our full range of STD testing services whenever you need care! 

Flu Shots in Modesto, CA 

Did you know that patients can also get their seasonal flu shot in at our Modesto, CA urgent care center? Simply visit our clinic to get your flu shot each year. 

Because the influenza virus updates and adapts each year, it means that a new vaccine needs to be manufactured. When the new vaccine comes it, patients will want to get it since it is the best way to prevent the flu virus!