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West Covina Urgent Care

West Covina Urgent Care

Do you have health concerns? Telemedicine is the best West Covina urgent care service to get immediate, professional medical advice remotely. You can count on Instant Urgent Care for a variety of treatment options. Here are some of the services you can get at our virtual clinic:

Telemedicine for primary care services

Do not miss your annual check-up because of COVID 19. Whether you require colonoscopies, mammograms, immunizations, or related services, our urgent care clinic in West Covina California has got you covered. We have an efficient, multidisciplinary team ready to serve you. Our technology-centric telemedicine services allow us to screen patients, coordinate care solutions, and perform routine exams.

Furthermore, our board-registered medical practitioners can order specific lab or diagnostic tests for complex cases. We cover geriatrics, routine screenings, men’s/women’s health check-ups, follow-up treatment (prescription refills), pediatric care, and specialty care referral services.

Immediate urgent care

We never keep our patients waiting for longer than 15 minutes. Rest assured, you will experience the best West Covina CA walk-in clinic consultation with our remote doctor visits. Let us provide swift medical attention for recurring infections, minor injuries (cuts, burns, sprains, or strains) or general health problems.

With our telemedicine solution, our medical team can alleviate your symptoms caused by minor burns, infections, colds, and even the flu. Are your symptoms related to asthma, sinusitis, migraines, skin problems, or fever? We can schedule a remote consultation with one of our top doctors about possible treatment options.

Telemedicine for preventative care

For this service, we consider your age, health status, and gender when providing non-emergency treatment in West Covina, CA, remotely. Our clinics offer a variety of telehealthcare options for blood pressure checks, immunizations, flu shots, oncology services, and more. In addition to mammography, HPV/pap tests, and colonoscopy, we provide COVID 19 screenings for suspected exposure.

We know how difficult it’s been to get the urgent medical services you need because of COVID 19 control measures. In that, we designed our telemedicine services to serve you. We want to help you stay healthy, safe, and well despite the unfavorable socioeconomic conditions.

How telemedicine for pediatric care works

In this crisis, bringing your infant or child to the hospital in West Covina is a safety and health risk. For this reason, we have added pediatric care to our list of telemedicine urgent care services. Our licensed pediatrician provides convenient screenings for children of all ages online.

You can conveniently book your appointment online to consult our pediatrician about urgent care in West Covina, California. With 20+ years in pediatric care, Dr. Lal provides the highest standard of treatment. Whether you require preventive care guidance, blood tests, annual check-ups, exams, and more, Dr. Lal is your friendly pediatrician. 

What is your health status? Call (408) 260 - 2273 to speak with our family physician at Instant Urgent Care about your annual physical. You will get first-class telehealthcare solutions from our licensed West Covina urgent care doctors. We are bringing hospital-standard medical care solutions to your fingertips.

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