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Urinary Catheter Miami

Urinary Catheter Miami

Choosing the right urine catheter in Miami is critical for your health and safety. Gender differences, pain, and pressure all effect the device that is best for yourself. While choosing the wrong catheter can be painful, following these five tips will help you stay comfortable.

How do I choose a catheter?

Picking a catheter is one of the most important decisions many people make. There should be no pain or discomfort when using these devices. Finding the right option for you means:

  • Deciding between hydrophilic and hydrophobic models
  • Picking the catheter that matches your sex
  • Deciding between ease of insertion and discreteness
  • Avoiding bacteria
  • Finding a steady supply that works with your insurance

These plastics devices appear simple. They are more complicated than they seem.

Choosing a Hydrophilic or Non-Hydrophilic Catheter

Straight catheters require gel, but this is not the only option. A hydrophilic catheter requires no extra lubrication. These devices come pre-lubricated to ease pain in situations where you need a catheter most.

The Cure twist offers the benefit of easy guidance and fast application. Simply remove the cap and use the eyelet to place the catheter.

Matching your Catheter to Your Sex

Catheters for men and catheters for women are different. The male urethra is larger, requiring a longer tube to avoid urinary tract infections due to improper placement. The catheter needs to reach your bladder to work best.

Women should not use male catheters either. These devices are precisely calculated to avoid bacteria.

Deciding Between Discreteness and Ease of Insertion

Discrete catheters require some extra legwork to place in the body. They are smaller since there is no eyelet. This allows you to carry every package within your pocket or purse.

Urinary catheters that are easy to insert work in a pinch and are perfect for people with a disability. However, extra features make them larger than other products.

Avoiding Bacteria

If you use catheters to help with a disease, experience a urinary tract infection, or are prone to issues, a clean kit works best for you. These catheters contain special protection that reaches two inches into your urethra.

Kits from come with gloves and sanitizing wipes to help you stay clean and healthy. They are made for those requiring the utmost care.

Steady Supply of Catheters

Purchasing catheters over the counter is not the only option. You have access to medical-grade devices through Medicare, Medicaid, and almost every other insurance.

Online supplies arrive monthly at an affordable rate. Receive as many catheters as you need. Send us a doctor’s note if you need more later.

Urine Catheter in Miami

Purchasing a urine catheter in Miami Is easy with Choose from sanitary and hydrophilic devices requiring no effort to insert. A steady supply arrives at your door every month.

Skip the line and the potentially unsafe store and order catheters online. Contact us directly for affordable medical catheters that fit any need and follow these five tips to stay healthy and safe.

Urinary Catheter Miami

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Urinary Catheter Miami

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