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Urgent Care San Francisco

Urgent Care San Francisco

You have many options for urgent care in San Francisco; choose the one that is most affordable and ensures the shortest wait time of all urgent care centers. Instant Urgent Care can provide many of the same services as your local hospital’s emergency room, with no long waiting room experiences or surprise bills in the mail. When someone in your family needs immediate medical attention or urgent care, contact our clinic via virtual visit or drive to our San Francisco, CA urgent care location for quality treatment.

5 Benefits of Visiting an Urgent Care Center vs Your ER

1. You may be surprised to learn that Instant Urgent Care can offer you immediate attention when you want through the doors of our clinic- something the emergency room most likely cannot provide. You’ll receive the care you deserve within minutes instead of prolonging the healing process. Many patients requiring urgent care skip treatment due to the impossibly long wait time experienced in an emergency hospital setting; we think our patients deserve better.

2. Local emergency and urgent care centers provide many similar services, so it’s not always necessary to visit the ER when a quick trip to an urgent care facility will meet your needs. For life-threatening conditions, always visit the emergency room in your community; however, you can choose Instant Urgent Care for the following:

  • Cold & flu symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Digestive system issues
  • Ear, nose, & throat

3. IUC is an affordable urgent care center in San Francisco, CA. You’ll know upfront what it will cost you to see our doctors or medical staff- typically a fraction of what the ER would charge, and we accept insurance as payment. Don’t allow the cost of medical care to keep you from seeking treatment when you need to visit a doctor; Instant Urgent Care costs less than other facilities.

4. Compare reviews for local emergency and urgent care centers and you’ll see an underlying theme develop; Instant Urgent Care is meeting the needs of the SF community in a way that no other emergency facility can- patients notice the difference in the quality of care received at IUC, and you’ll notice from the moment you walk into our clinic. Providing top-quality treatment to patients during times of crisis is what we’re all about at Instant Urgent Care.

5. If you appreciate being treated like an individual patient rather than a number, you’ll want to consider an urgent care center the next time you need to see a doctor for a minor medical emergency. Instant Urgent Care can offer you additional benefits that an ER can’t provide; our urgent care in San Francisco can double as your primary care doctor, as well. You’ll find a complete list of services we provide when you explore the resources on our site. Schedule a virtual visit today to speak face-to-face with a doctor from your device or call Instant Urgent Care at (925) 905-9912 to schedule an appointment.

Urgent Care San Francisco
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Urgent Care San Francisco
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Urgent Care San Francisco