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San Ramon Urgent Care

San Ramon Urgent Care

With the help of Instant Urgent Care, your worst day can turn into a pleasant experience at our San Ramon Urgent Care. Whether you’re coming in with an abrasion, a painful migraine, or a skin irritation, we will help you. The finest medical techniques and technology will aid you in recovering quickly and painlessly. If you walk through our doors, this is what you can expect:

  1. Same-day appointment and walk-in treatment – at our hospital in San Ramon, you, as the patient, will always be a priority. That’s why we allow you to make an appointment and show up that same day to receive your treatment. This should be the ideal of all medical centers that focus on the patient’s wellbeing.
  2. Wide range of facilities – the non-emergency treatment in San Ramon, CA, that we offer overlooks primacy care, urgent care, pediatric health, chronic care, preventive care, lab and x-ray analyses, women’s health and geriatric exams. As you can see, we have everything for everyone. No matter your medical problem, as long as it isn’t a medical emergency, we can help you. For the last five years, we have been the leading urgent care clinic in San Ramon, California, mainly due to our extensive care facilities.
  3. Affordable treatment plans – we realize that no all people may have the best insurance or be able to afford sky-high treatment price tags. However, our number one priority has always been the patient’s wellbeing, your wellbeing. Therefore, we will always try to keep it as affordable as possible, regardless of your type of insurance.
  4. Cutting-edge COVID-19 testing facilities – that’s right, we test you for the new COVID-19 virus. First, we’ll do a telemedicine pre-screening where our medical provider will determine potential risk factors for COVID-19 if you manifest any of the known symptoms. Afterward, we will admit you into the best San Ramon CA walk-in clinic. We may have to isolate you in an exam room for the duration of the testing. After taking a sample, we will send it to the laboratory for confirmation. The process takes just a while, under the strictest safety protocols and under constant medical supervision.
  5. Emphasis on patient satisfaction – ever since we established our clinic, we have provided premium urgent care in San Ramon, California. This is mainly because we actually care about our patients on a personal level. We don’t just offer one-time treatments, only never to see you again.

Instead, we fully encourage you to build a long-lasting relationship with our medical personnel. Visit us whenever you find yourself in need of urgent medical aid, and we will always be here for you!

The San Ramon Urgent Care offers top of the line medical care for adults, children, and the elderly. We deal in chronic care, preventive care, primary care, and urgent care. The Instant Urgent Care center will always be your best friend when you need medical treatment or other medical facilities. Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor!

San Ramon Urgent Care
Instant Urgent Care
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San Ramon Urgent Care
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San Ramon Urgent Care