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Sex Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

Sex Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

Sex addiction or hypersexuality consists of the inability to control sexual behavior and the clinically significant deterioration or discomfort it causes in the person who suffers from it, not only based on an excessive or very intense sexual desire.

It is sexual behavior that affects different aspects of the sufferer's life, causing emotional, family, social, or economic difficulties.

Professionals experienced in healing for sex and porn addiction determines that this type of behavioral addiction shares symptoms with substance addictions. Among them, we find the need to increase the frequency of sexual activities progressively; the withdrawal syndrome, whereby a certain uneasiness arises from the interruption or reduction of sexual relations; relapse after this period of deprivation and mood changes if this activity becomes impossible.

Our experts recognize several causes that motivate this type of behavior, which are caused by different factors. Among the predisposing factors, we can find a series of biochemical disorders, such as a dopamine deficit, and certain personality traits such as lack of self-control, impulsivity, sensation seeking, social isolation, and it may even be due to a reaction as a consequence of having suffered abuse in childhood.

A general emotional malaise, affective loneliness, or the incredible ease of access to erotic and pornographic material influences maintaining factors. But, above all, avoid the withdrawal syndrome because then the behavior is no longer carried out to obtain pleasure but to avoid the discomfort of not carrying it out.

This is why he adds. Many people try to alleviate this emotional discomfort through gratifying behaviors that help reduce this discomfort, so they tend to repeat them on several occasions. In this way, the more this compulsive desire or need is mitigated, the greater the satisfaction and, in turn, the greater the guilt.

It is no secret that addiction to sex or pornography has negative consequences in people's lives. That is why there is an increasing interest in seeking sex addiction treatment in Boulder.

If you are in the position of needing porn addiction treatment in Boulder, or if you know someone in need, you should know the main pros and cons of these treatments.


  • You regain control over your love and sex life
    Overcoming an addiction to harmful sexual behaviors can give you back the ability to make reasonable decisions in your sex and love life, allowing you to have healthier relationships overall.

  • You find the root of the problems
    Most addictions to sexual behaviors lie in an aspect of psychology that needs to be addressed by professionals. Entering a treatment of this type can give you clarity about the root problem so you can solve it and regain control over your decisions.


  • It is a complicated process to overcome without the right help
    Any therapy process will be complex or challenging to carry out if you are not accompanied by a team of experienced professionals who manage an effective treatment methodology.

  • You have to find the right professionals to help you
    Finding the type of professionals we are talking about can be challenging if you don't know what to look for. That is why it is best to know your options and what is most important to you when getting treatment for masturbation addiction or any other sexual behavior in Boulder.

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Sex Addiction Treatment Center Boulder
Begin Again Institute
Sex Addiction Treatment Center Boulder
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Sex Addiction Treatment Center Boulder

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