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San Jose Urgent Care

San Jose Urgent Care

The San Jose urgent care environment isn’t easy to navigate. There are plenty of urgent care clinics, and all of them are a little different. So, where do you go, and what makes a clinic better than another one? We, at Instant Urgent Care, have taken it upon ourselves to explain these differences to you. All urgent care clinics differ in some way or another:

  1. Walk-in visits to the clinic – some urgent care clinics have it, while some don’t. What is a walk-in appointment? Simply put, it’s the ability to come to the clinic without a prior appointment to get a diagnostic or a treatment. Ours is the best San Jose, CA, walk-in clinic because you get to visit us unscheduled at any time. We want you to experience comfort and always to get quality treatments when you need them the most!
  2. Telemedicine service – this is yet another service that not all urgent care clinics might have. In our opinion, a leading urgent care clinic in San Jose, California, should have this service. It allows a patient to get quality medical advice and treatments online, on a personal computer or laptop at home. The doctor doesn’t have to visit you to review your condition, issue a diagnostic, or prescribe medication. Our clinic certainly provides this service in full!
  3. Same-day appointments – similar to the walk-in visits, this one provides a certain degree of comfort to a patient. It allows anyone to make an appointment and come on that same day for the appointment without having to wait a couple of days for it. Our hospital in San Jose gives you the possibility of same-day appointments! We know that it can be difficult and harmful to have to wait for an entire day to get to a doctor. Going to the ER is overkill, and you’ll still wait a few hours before they take care of you. At our center, you get immediate medical attention just as soon as you make the appointment and come to us!
  4. Doctor house calls – different urgent care clinics will either provide or ignore this important aspect. When a patient isn’t able to move or is too sick to get to a clinic, what then? Should we just ignore it and move on? That’s not acceptable from our point of view. Our preeminent non-emergency treatment in San Jose, CA, considers this aspect. The solution – doctor house calls.
  5. The extent of medical services – clearly, not all urgent care clinics have extensive and expansive medical services; some of them might provide limited urgent care or pediatric care services. Our urgent care in San Jose, California, has the most impressive range of services available to an urgent care center. Come to us, and you’ll see it!

The Instant Urgent Care clinic has your best interest in mind. That’s why we provide so many comfort-based services like telemedicine, walk-in, and same-day appointments. Moreover, the San Jose urgent care also takes house calls, and our services are comprehensive, and they cover everything. Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor: 408-687-4806.

San Jose Urgent Care
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San Jose Urgent Care
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