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Optometrist The Woodlands

Optometrist The Woodlands

Knowing when to visit an optometrist in the Woodlands can help you keep your eyes sharp and your life meaningful. Glimpse Eyecare works hard to pair patients with the perfect stylish and even customized glasses for every activity.

When should I visit an eye doctor?

Eye irritation and strain are not a reason to visit an eye doctor. However, prolonged stress on the eyes can lead to a deterioration in your eyesight, impacting everything you do.

Strain is not the only reason you may lose your eyesight. Age and genetics also play a role. The majority, 80 percent, of older adults report needing glasses.

If you notice that your sight is constantly blurry no matter what you do, it is time to visit an optometrist. If you experience chronic pain associated with vision loss, it may be better to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist. 

What impacts my eyesight temporarily?

Many things can temporarily impair your eyesight. Many of the causes are quite common.

Among the temporary effects are:

  • Dry eyes
  • Sleep exhaustion
  • Migraines and headaches

The common factor in each of these causes is that you will often experience other side effects. Temporary blurry vision is easily cured and you often associate the symptom of poor eyesight with the actual condition.

Long-term Loss of Eyesight

In contrast to temporary causes of eyesight loss, you will notice long-term eyesight loss. What may appear as a symptom lasts longer than a few days or a week. You will notice the inability to read signs if you are farsighted or books if you are nearsighted.

This type of loss is noticeable and more than a short nuisance. The condition will not go away.

Nearsighted v. Farsighted

There are two types of vision loss to be on the lookout for. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are both common.

Nearsighted individuals have trouble seeing over a distance. Farsighted people have difficulty reading books. You can correct both conditions with the help of an optometrist.

What to Expect when Visiting an Optometrist

A visit to an optometrist is common for 17.2 million Americans every year. An exam, whether to create a new prescription or update an existing one, is simple.

Your doctor will go over your sight problems and perform visual non-invasive tests to determine the prescription that will get you back to 20/20. An annual exam keeps your vision nearly perfect.

Glasses for Any Lifestyle

Glasses work for any lifestyle. Custom frames can be both functional and aesthetic. Trendy glasses are a perfect accessory while functional glasses can go to the beach or perform a hard day of work.

You can even customize your lenses. It is entirely possible to purchase sunglass lenses. A good optician can cut lenses to fit almost any frame as long as the cut does not destroy the curvature of the lens.

Quality Optometrist in the Woodlands

Visiting a quality optometrist in the Woodlands when you notice prolonged sight loss keeps you on your feet. The loss of eyesight is damaging to your health and lifestyle.

Schedule an appointment with Glimpse Eyecar today.

Optometrist The Woodlands
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Optometrist The Woodlands
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Optometrist The Woodlands