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Commerce Urgent Care

Commerce Urgent Care

To receive quality commerce urgent care, you need only come to Instant Urgent Care or schedule an online appointment. We accept same-day and walk-in appointments at any time for your comfort! Despite all this, there are many more urgent clinics available, so why would you choose ours to receive treatment? Well, here’s why:

  1. Online medical diagnoses – through telemedicine, our doctors don’t even have to come to you to issue a diagnosis. You will answer some of their questions, and they will come to an accurate conclusion. Depending on your particular illness or symptoms, they will create a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Our unsurpassed urgent care in Commerce targets everyone, including those who can’t physically come to our clinic.
  2. COVID-19 pre-screenings tests – if you have suspicions that you might have encountered the COVID-19 virus, don’t worry! There’s a safe and quick way you can be sure of that – through the telemedicine feature of our hospital in Commerce. Through the initial pre-screening, our premier doctors will narrow down the potential factors that could have led to the infection. After doing this, we can move on to more factual tests at our clinic!
  3. Potential house calls – if you require immediate attention and you can’t visit our urgent care clinic in Commerce, then we’ll schedule a telemedicine appointment to diagnose you. After that, a doctor can make a house call and provide unexcelled treatment on the spot. We can maintain the same treatment through house calls until you recover enough so you can come to us! We maintain this level of comfort for anyone who isn’t in a position to move or has severe illnesses. Telemedicine and house calls are among the top reasons why we are the best Commerce walk-in clinic.
  4. High-quality preventive care through telemedicine – what is preventive care if not health exams and wellness exams for men, women, and the elderly. Our doctors can easily perform these through telemedicine, so you don’t have to come to us. We can do a health screening, find out what’s wrong with you, and prescribe the necessary medication, all of this on your laptop’s screen. We specifically design our non-emergency treatment in Commerce to reach absolutely anyone, including those unable to visit our clinic!
  5. Superlative urgent care services – we are an exclusive urgent care clinic offering unmatched medical services for non-emergencies. Our doctors are incredibly knowledgeable, and they are fully licensed and ready to take care of you! Your wellbeing and state of health is our first and foremost priority, so you can remain calm while we do our jobs.

We, at Instant Urgent Care, pride ourselves on being among the few urgent care clinics that place extreme emphasis on patient satisfaction and comfort. Our telemedicine service and doctor house calls are ample evidence of that. The Commerce urgent care services you can receive from us are extensive, comprehensive, and readily-offered so that you can get better! Contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor right away!

Commerce Urgent Care
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Commerce Urgent Care
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Commerce Urgent Care