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Carlsbad Urgent Care

Carlsbad Urgent Care

Are the medical practitioners providing remote Carlsbad urgent care licensed? At Instant Urgent Care, we can confidently say our telemedicine doctors are multidisciplinary medical professionals with the appropriate credentials. Rest assured, our virtual clinic provides the highest standard of medical service. Want to learn more about our compassionate, caring medical team?

Nationally accredited urgent care doctors

Because you are trusting our doctors with your health, we want you to do so without an iota of skepticism. All of our attending physicians providing urgent care in Carlsbad have a specialty and licenses to practice in their respective disciplines. We have two dedicated family physicians, a pediatrician, and an orthopedic care specialist with ER experience.

Dr. Deepali: She is a board-registered pediatrician who has worked in multiple clinical settings, including hospitals, urgent and primary care, as well as community outreach. Her tenure in the pediatric care circuit spans over two decades.

Dr. Sanchez: He is one of our board-certified family health practitioners. He speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently.

Dr. Sanchez: He has an eclectic background as an orthopedic care specialist and emergency room physician.

Dr. Kaur:  She specializes in family health care at our Carlsbad walk-in clinic. Her community outreach efforts in California, particularly around San Jose, is remarkable. Plus, her unique sense of culture as a multilingual doctor allows her to connect with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Same-day urgent care

Now you can save yourself the unnecessary stress of waiting days in the emergency room ward of a hospital in Carlsbad. With our prompt urgent care services for non-critical health problems, you will get same-day treatment. Although we strive for a face-paced consultation and treatment process, we do so with due diligence in mind.

We will schedule appointments for you to visit the nearest clinic or the best hospital in your area. Do you have the flu, a cold, require lab or STD testing, or need medical attention for non-critical emergencies fast? Our remote urgent care services allow you to get immediate treatment for your emergency health problems in a cost-effective, expedient manner.

Types of urgent care diagnostic testing

Some of the diagnostic services we use to identify medical conditions at our urgent care clinic in Carlsbad are x-rays and lab tests. Where necessary, we can order advanced diagnostic testing to make an accurate prognosis. You can get these services at any of our urgent care locations.

We extend our virtual doctor appointments, consultation, and telemedicine services to all patients. You can book your primary, urgent, or pediatric care appointments online conveniently. After screening, we will prescribe top of the line non-emergency treatment in Carlsbad and monitor your symptoms as you recover.  

How to schedule an appointment for remote Carlsbad urgent care screening? Contact Instant Urgent Care by phone at (408) 260 - 2273. We will book your appointment with one of our specialized doctors for same-day diagnosis and treatment. If you are internet-savvy, you can schedule a virtual consultation online at a time convenient to you. Our doctors are keen listeners and empathetic medical care practitioners.

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