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Stay-at-home medical care is fast becoming a mainstream treatment option in this COVID-19 era. Instant Urgent Care is one of the leading telehealth platforms providing convenient, innovative, remote medical services in Pasadena, California. What are some of the signs to determine if you have a qualifying Pasadena urgent care condition?

  1. Minor, non-critical illness - What this constitutes are sudden medical emergencies that require immediate attention. Some examples include superficial cuts or bruises, viral eye infections (pink eye), ear pain, UTI flare-ups, sprains, and so forth. While these conditions are not life-threatening, you should get a professional medical opinion. For these types of injuries, we generally recommend prompt treatment within 24 hours at most to avoid injections. Our physicians have a broad range of skills and medical expertise as family or emergency room doctors. We can confidently say remote consultation for non-emergency treatment in Pasadena CA is accessible and cost-efficient.
  2. Follow-up medical care - Do you have a recurring condition like a yeast infection that you’d routinely bring to the attention of your primary care physician? Instead of visiting the best Pasadena CA walk-in clinic, you can consult our online urgent care doctors for instant consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Although we recommend urgent care as a complementary treatment method, it should never replace your routine appointments. However, considering the preventive care precautions in place to slow the COVID 19 transmission, our urgent care solution may be helpful.
  3. Chronic cold or flu symptoms - Do you suspect any of these symptoms? You should consult our top medical doctors about getting remote urgent care in Pasadena California consultation. Of course, this is after you’ve tried conventional over-the-counter medications without positive results. We can schedule a virtual appointment to rule out viral respiratory infections and severe health conditions such as pneumonia. Have you been experiencing symptoms like a persistent dry cough, chills, fatigue, muscle/body aches, or a fever? You shouldn’t ignore these signs and seek urgent medical attention immediately. We recommend this recourse for unexplained rashes, nagging headaches, chest infection, and runny nose as well.
  4. Chest pain - If you are under 55 years old and do not suffer from heart disease, this could indicate an underlying health complication. It is not untoward for a healthy individual to get minor strokes or sporadic heart attacks. Sometimes it can be a minor sprain, heartburn, or another non-critical condition. Our virtual telemedicine services provide urgent care solutions, including preventive remote medical treatment options and on-demand house calls. If your condition is not life-threatening, we urge you to consider telehealth over seeking hospital in Pasadena California consultation.
  5. Incomplete bone fracture - Our remote doctors can diagnose and treat minor fractures involving the ribs, elbow, foot, finger, toe, hand, foot, wrist, or ankle. With the COVID 19 precautions still in effect, telehealth is more convenient than visiting an urgent care clinic in Pasadena, California. Something to note is that it’s not an ideal approach for every fracture. For example, technical long-bone fractures in your hip, leg, back, or arm often requires long-term medical care.

How to learn more about Instant Urgent Care services? Call (408) 260 - 2273 to schedule your telehealth consultation session with a licensed Pasadena urgent care doctor online or use our request form.

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