How Should I Prepare for My Child’s Pediatrician Visit?

Each year, millions of parents prepare to send their young child or infant to the pediatrician’s office for their first visit. However, parents must understand that they need to prepare certain materials in order to ensure a successful visit. Without some preparation, a parent may have to reschedule their child’s visit or could experience a few snags in securing a primary provider for their child.

That is why the pediatrics team at Instant Urgent Care is here to help you prepare for your child’s visit and find a provider that you can trust to administer important healthcare services for your children. Ensuring that you have accurate healthcare information, payment options, and other important needs settled is the key to getting your child ready for pediatric care!

Explain and Comfort Your Child Before the Visit

Many children may be confused as to why they have to go to the doctor. Take some time to explain so that your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed, scared, or nervous when they come in for their routine physical. Tell them why it is important to go to the doctor and that you also visit the doctor for similar needs.

It may also help to tell your child that a doctor will perform certain tasks such as checking the eyes, throat , mouth, etc. to see if they are healthy or need help. Sitting down with your child can help reduce significant stress or anxious feelings your child may have. Younger children are more likely to experience confusion or distrust when at the doctors’ office, but provider staff are skilled in dealing with these issues by easing a child’s stress as best as possible.

Prepare your child’s health information and payment options

Parents could delay their child’s care if they aren’t prepared with a payment option and health information about their child. Without these materials, a primary pediatrician may not be able to administer care.

Before your child’s visit, first confirm the accepted insurances and payment options available for certain services. Many pediatric care providers accept both public and private health insurance options, but you have to double check your provider’s accepted plans. Many insurance companies decide who is added into their network, which means your insurance provider is the most likely to have that information.

Providing your child’s health information is also a crucial part of your child’s first pediatric care visit as well. A pediatrician needs this data in order to identify potential risks, chronic disease risks, and acute illnesses on your child’s very first day of care. This health information also acts as a reference to determine if a new healthcare consequence is emergent or developed from previous factors.

Once you have everything to prepare you and your child for a pediatrician’s visit, make sure you visit your local Pediatrician at Instant Urgent Care Steven’s Creek to get fast, comprehensive, and compassionate care from our team with over 20+ years of pediatric experience!