Guildford Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

“The first communal houses in a generation” announced in Kingston If you find a suitable property that interests you, it is up to you to contact the other tenants and make the necessary arrangements to visit the other`s properties. If you decide to exchange real estate, you must obtain the agreement of the owners concerned. You are not allowed to move until your landlord tells you that you can. The properties offered must be adapted to the needs of each household and the rental accounts of all parties involved must be clear, otherwise your landlord will not be able to accept the exchange. You must also agree to accept the property in the state in which you see it. A Surrey council must stop giving life leases to its social housing tenants. We manage about 5,150 properties throughout the district. It is important to us that our tenants actively engage in how we manage our service and partner with us to create thriving and attractive neighbourhoods where people are proud to live. The new electrical safety rules 2020 – Please send your electrical safety certificates that confirm that the work has been secured (as required). For more information, visit our Electrical Inspection and Control – Tips for Private Owners website. The government has introduced an amendment to the Localism Act 2011 allowing boards to introduce two-year leases. This website is how Guildford Borough Council promotes real estate for renting and renting Council apartments and for garages for Denrat. .