Flu Prevention Guidelines for Fall 2020: Households

Parents do whatever they can to keep their kids safe. Sometimes that means reminding them to wear a bike helmet, but other times it means taking household precautions during flu season to protect the entire family! Flu season 2020 is even more threatening as we battle the covid-19 pandemic at the same time, but there are plenty of preventative measures you can take to keep your family safe! 

Disinfecting Your Home

High-touch surfaces of your home should be your primary focus when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Doorknobs, TV remotes, cell phones, railings, and other areas that you all frequently touch should be disinfected each day. You can use steam or a disinfectant cleaner to kill flu virus germs on contact. The items you take out of your home, such as lunchboxes, bookbags, and briefcases, should be disinfected frequently too. Discuss the cleaning plan with the whole family so everyone can do their part! 

Hand Washing 

Handwashing should always be a priority, but especially during flu season. Proper handwashing includes washing for as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice over. Practicing with your children and having them sing along is a great way to enforce good hand hygiene habits! Use an antibacterial soap and dry your hands completely each time. If washable hand towels are used for drying, make sure they’re washed regularly in hot water. Handwashing should be done before eating, after using the restroom, and after returning home from somewhere like work or school. 

Get Vaccinated 

The best method of protection your family can use is the flu vaccine! Flu vaccines are most effective if they are given before peak flu season, which means you should get it sooner rather than later! There are multiple versions of the vaccine available to fit each family member’s needs. There’s even a nasal spray version if you have a child who doesn’t want to get a shot! Flu vaccines for the entire family are covered under most major insurance plans and have little to no side effects. Getting vaccinated is a quick and easy process at your local urgent care center. A flu vaccine not only protects your family, but everyone they come in contact with too! 

If you have any questions or concerns about the flu vaccine, or to get more tips about flu prevention, contact an urgent care center near you today!