End of the Year Medical Appointments You May Need

Patients need to stay on top of the medical care in order to maintain positive health and improve current health status. We have reiterated this time and time again on our Instant Urgent Care blog, but planning certain medical appointments can be hard for some patients. Usually, patients will have time around the end of the year to secure any type of primary or urgent care services they may need.

Some appointments are more crucial than others, based upon the importance they have on health, chronic disease management, and coordinating treatment for other conditions. If possible, it helps to schedule a few of these appointments within a week or month in order to cover a few medical needs.

If you have any questions about primary care or urgent care services, then please do not hesitate to call us or contact your nearest Instant UC clinic today!

Schedule primary care for your yearly physical

Primary care physicals and routine exams are necessary in order to ensure that your overall health is intact and improving!

A primary care physician is usually busy throughout the entire year with appointments from multiple patients, but are available even at the end of the year for a physical or screening. Make sure you schedule your primary care visit in advance to ensure you have enough time to record insurance payment options, prepare updated health information, and have enough time to thoroughly review your overall health.

Getting your primary care physical is one of the most important medical services for patients of all ages. Make sure you get your updated primary care needs addressed before year’s end!

Get urgent care needs taken care of

The end of the year also presents a great opportunity for patients to address immediate urgent care needs like lingering injuries, sudden illnesses, and other types of acute medical care. An urgent care center provides a fast and affordable means for patients to get the care they need ASAP!

Urgent care centers are also equipped with walk-in clinics so you can get care without the need for an appointment. Simply walk-in and wait for a provider to administer your immediate healthcare needs. Even when your schedule is busy an urgent care center can help treat sudden injury or illness at the end of the year!

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