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    Patients that need to book Rapid COVID-19 testing or RT-PCR COVID testing can do so through our online portal, where they will initiate a COVID screening with one of our providers. Use the grid below to begin or look for your nearest location below: 


    A licensed medical provider will reach out to you to conduct your Covid screening visit and coordinate the next steps for COVID-19 testing at one of our testing centers.


    On the day & at the time of your scheduled COVID-19 test, Instant Urgent Care providers will then ensure that you can get your test results within a few hours after the test. Depending on your diagnosis our team will then coordinate the next steps for treatment. 

Coming Soon: Free COVID-19 Testing at Instant Urgent Care

Instant Urgent Care clinics and COVID-19 testing centers will soon have an option for COVID-19 testing that is offered at no charge to patients without insurance. We advise you to contact our provider team to see if no cost COVID-19 testing is available yet. We’ll provide more immediate updates about no cost COVID-19 testing in the near future. 

New: Rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing available for travel clearance

Rapid RT-PCR COVID Testing:

A Rapid RT-PCR Test is a molecular diagnostic COVID-19 test primarily used to clear travelers before their destination. RT-PCR testing is used for a majority of state and international travel guidelines and means that you need this specific type of test before you can effectively travel. 

Please contact the Instant Urgent Care Team for more information about the availability and guidelines for Rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 testing. A rapid RT-PCR test can turn around more accurate results than an antigen test within a day. 

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing:

At Instant Urgent Care, all of our clinics offer Rapid Antigen COVID-19 testing for patients that need a fast diagnosis for medical and return-to-work clearance. Usually, patients that are remaining in their local neighborhoods for work and personal activities benefit from same-day rapid antigen COVID-19 testing that can return your results in a matter of 15 minutes. 

However, patients may need to get a specific RT-PCR test for travel-related needs if they are flying to another state or country. Please consult our team for more information as needed. 

Same-Day COVID-19 Testing Now Available

Same-Day Rapid COVID-19 Test Results

COVID-19 Rapid Testing at Instant Urgent Care allows our provider team to perform a nasal swab test with highly accurate and extremely fast results for an active COVID infection. Patients can expect to get their test results back on the same day as their visit. A rapid test is accurate, fast, and covered by most major insurance carriers. 

Accessible Testing Across California

Instant Urgent Care is addressing the COVID-19 crisis head on and ensuring that our communities have access to high-quality testing services. All Instant Urgent Care clinics and COVID-19 testing facilities serve major Bay Area cities, Santa Clara communities, and San Jose residents. 

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Services & Remote Care

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Overview:

A Rapid COVID-19 test is the fastest test for detecting the presence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Rapid COVID testing uses a swab like a standard diagnostic test. A swab is then analyzed in a lab to determine a positive or negative viral infection. 

Rapid tests can bring back patient results on the same day of testing and with high levels of accuracy. Unlike traditional swab tests, our providers are able to swab and get results back on the same day. A standard test is likely to take a few days to finalize results.  Rapid testing allows our providers to get results back to patients within 15 to 20 minutes after testing is completed.

Abbott Molecular Testing: The Industry Standard for Fast and Safe COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Instant Urgent Care centers are now equipped with Abbott’s ID NOW Rapid Molecular test to provide the fastest and most reliable rapid testing results for patients. Abbott’s Molecular test has testing rates as accurate as 95% for patients and is the most widely researched testing method available. 

Based on recent Abbott ID NOW rapid testing statistics:  “In a completed analysis from a multi-site urgent care clinical setting of 430 symptomatic patients with two or more symptoms, including 53 PCR positive subjects, ID NOW demonstrated performance of 96.2% in positive agreement (sensitivity) and 99.5% negative agreement (specificity) compared to lab-based molecular PCR tests.


Dedicated Urgent Care Professionals ready to help

Instant Urgent Care providers in Santa Clara, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Dublin, San Ramon, and other major California metropolitan are staffed with urgent care providers that put your immediate healthcare needs first and foremost. 

Our provider team has worked bravely during this unprecedented pandemic, and continues to do so for our patients. Their hard work ensures that as many patients can get tested in a safe, sanitary, and socially-distanced testing environment. Once your appointment is confirmed our medical providers then coordinate your rapid COVID-19 testing visit. 

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Additional COVID-19 Testing Services

Standard COVID-19 Testing

Standard PCR COVID-19 testing is available for patients at any of our urgent care locations. It is important to note that a standard test is more likely to be covered by insurance but takes 2-5 days for results

Instant Urgent Care’s provider team now offers COVID-19 appointments for patients that are pre-screened through telemedicine. Our providers can then administer COVID-19 testing through CDC and State guidelines to provide you with testing results. Our current policies are to ensure that we minimize the spread of the virus while effectively, and accurately, testing at-risk patients. 


COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Learn more about Antibody Testing

At Instant Urgent Care, our provider team continues to improve your needs for COVID-19 testing and preventive care services that keep you safe during the pandemic. In addition to standard COVID-19 testing, our team can also provide antibody testing that helps detect a patient’s potential immunity. Antibody testing is useful for asymptomatic patients to see if they had COVID-19 and developed a natural immunity to the virus. Additionally, antibody testing is useful for patients that are almost ready to return to work. Simply book a pre-screening with a provider to see if you have any risk of a potential infection. 


Telemedicine is the virtual delivery of preventive and primary care for patients. A virtual visit via telemedicine allows a patient to visit with their doctor on a computer or smart device at an available time. Make sure to ask your insurance provider if you plan covers telemedicine visits 

At Instant Urgent Care, our telemedicine visits help address a wide range of primary care, urgent care, and pediatric healthcare needs. If you need to schedule a visit today, please use the online scheduling tool to book today! 

COVID-19 Testing Service Areas

FAQs About Rapid COVID Testing at Instant Urgent Care:

Are you offering testing for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes, we are currently offering COVID-19 testing for both antibody testing and rapid testing. 

What is the difference between rapid testing and antibody testing? 

COVID-19 rapid testing detects an active infection of the virus. When patients come in the get either a positive or negative test result. The result determines if the virus is active in your body or if there is no detection of it at all. 

COVID-19 antibody testing detects the presence of antibodies from a previous COVID infection that determines if a patient has immunity to a virus. Many patients do not need an antibody test right away and would benefit from a rapid test. 

Insurances Accepted at Instant Urgent Care: