DOT Physical FAQs for Commercial Drivers, Trucks in 2021

Commercial drivers and truck drivers are required to meet certain standards to maintain their license and continue legally driving. A DOT physical is one of the requirements to maintain your commercial truck driving license. If it’s your first time having a DOT physical, you’re likely nervous and unsure what to expect. Don’t worry, the whole process is easier than you think! Let’s review some of the most commonly asked questions about DOT physicals so you’ll know what to expect. 

What does a DOT Physical Include?

A DOT physical is a full body physical. Your weight, blood pressure, and pulse will be taken at the beginning of the appointment. The physician will ask you about any medication symptoms or concerns you’ve been experiencing and then preform a physical exam. Blood work and urine will be sent to a lab for further testing. These tests check for things like high cholesterol, diabetes, drug use, and so much more!  

Where Can I Get a DOT Physical? 

The best place to go for a quick and easy DOT physical is a nearby urgent care center. Urgent care centers don’t require an appointment and can complete a DOT physical whenever it’s convenient for you. 

DOT physicals can also be performed at a doctor’s office, but that requires an appointment and typically comes at a higher cost than an urgent care DOT physical. 

Is it Possible to Fail a DOT Physical? 

Yes, certain medical conditions can make you fail the physical. These conditions include anything that could impair your driving abilities. If a new medical condition is discovered during a DOT physical, you may be given three months to correct the issue either through lifestyle changes or medication. At the end of the three months the physical will be redone to determine if it’s safe for you to resume driving. 

How Often Do You Need a DOT Physical? 

DOT physicals are required once every 2 years, per federal and state laws. Changing employers should not require a new DOT physical as long as you have a current physical on file. It is still recommended to check in with a medical professional at least once a year, unrelated to the DOT requirements

Who Pays for it?

DOT physicals can either be paid for by the driver, by the driver’s insurance, or by the company employing the driver. The exact out of pocket cost will vary depending on how much your insurance and/or employee covers.

If you’re in need of a DOT physical for your commercial truck driving licensure, visit a nearby urgent care center today! The flexible hours of operation and convenient locations of urgent care centers across the country have made it easier than ever to keep your DOT physical current.

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