Do Urgent Care Centers Provide DOT Physicals?

DOT physicals are a necessary evil for truck drivers across the country. DOT physicals are required to keep an active certification and continue driving, so missing your annual DOT physical isn’t an option. For years there hasn’t been an alternative to the traditional DOT physical process, but now there is! 

What is a DOT Physical? 

A DOT physical is used to assess your current health status and your risk for sudden onset health issues while you’re on the road. This is important to maintaining not just your health, but the health of other drivers on the road too. DOT physicals assess things like blood pressure, heart rate, vision, diabetes risk, drug use, and more. 

Why Choose Urgent Care for Your DOT Physicals?

Scheduling a DOT physical has always been a hassle. You have to find a physician that offers DOT physicals, schedule an appointment, and wait around until the appointment day finally arrives. If you forget the time for your annual DOT physical is approaching, you might have trouble getting an appointment before the deadline comes. Luckily, there’s an easier option! Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics around the nation have begun offering DOT physicals. These facilities are perfect for a busy trucker because no appointment is needed. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t!

You can just come in whenever you have the time and receive your DOT physical the same day. Many truckers claim that these alternative DOT physicals are quicker and a more comfortable process all around too. If you were planning to visit your primary care physician for a DOT physical but they don’t have any availability, visiting an urgent care is a much better alternative than missing your deadline for the physical! 

What You Need to Know Before Arriving 

Before you arrive at an urgent care for your DOT physical, make sure you’re coming prepared. You should bring a full list of any current medications, as well as any relevant medical history. DOT physicals include a drug test, so drink water and come prepared to give a urine sample. In some cases, you’ll need to have blood drawn. Call before you come to find out if you need to be fasting for that bloodwork to ensure accurate results. 

Finding an urgent care center or walk in clinic near you that offers DOT physicals is as easy as a quick Google search, so what are you waiting for?!