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Select clinics open on Christmas Day and New Years Day (Including Eve)

WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accept Kaiser insurance for Covid tetsing and treamtment services.

WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services.
Select clinics open on Christmas Day and New Years Day (Including Eve)

Derrick Freeman

Professional Statement

Introducing Derrick Freeman, a dedicated and experienced Physician Assistant at Instant Urgent Care, serving the medical needs of the Bay Area community. With a background in emergency medicine and a commitment to staying connected with his roots, Derrick is a valued member of our healthcare team.

Qualifications and Experience:

Derrick’s journey began in Livermore, California, where he was born and raised. He is a proud alumnus of Granada High School, graduating in 2006. Determined to pursue a career in healthcare, Derrick furthered his education at the esteemed University of California, Davis, where he obtained his undergraduate degree. His time at UC Davis laid the foundation for his future in the medical field.

Eager to gain firsthand experience in emergency care, Derrick embarked on a career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for three years. His dedication to patient care and his ability to remain calm in high-pressure situations soon led him to become a Paramedic, where he continued to serve the community for an additional year in San Jose, California.

Derrick’s passion for emergency medicine prompted him to pursue advanced education. He relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, where he attended the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to earn his Master’s degree. Armed with a comprehensive education and a wealth of hands-on experience, he returned to the Bay Area, where he could be closer to his family and make a meaningful impact in his community.

Languages Spoken: 

English ,  Spanish , Hindi , Urdu , Punjabi

Additional Informations:


Derrick’s area of expertise lies in emergency medicine, making him a trusted resource for patients seeking immediate care for a wide range of medical concerns. His ability to assess and manage acute conditions is a vital asset to the Instant Urgent Care team.