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WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services


Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

The flu shot is a vaccine people should receive each year to prevent the spread of influenza, but many people decide against receiving the vaccine each flu season. If you’re unsure why you need to get your flu shot or have concerns about it, we’re here to help. These are just a few of the …

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Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

October is filled with trips to the pumpkin patch and for some unlucky people, trips to the emergency room. Hospitals see a rise in hand injuries each year as pumpkin carving takes place as a family tradition for many people. To keep your family activities festive and fun rather than painful and dangerous, follow these …

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Back to School Physicals

This time of year is filled with school supply shopping, picking out new outfits, and getting back into the school year. A back to school physical should be on your to-do list before the new school year kicks off too. Many states require back to school physicals, but even if yours doesn’t, your child should …

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Urgent Care: Myths Vs. Facts

When a sudden illness or injury arises, seeing a doctor becomes a priority when home remedies don’t seem to work.  When your regular doctor is unavailable when you need treatment after hours or on the weekend, a visit to an urgent care center could be a better choice.  Misconceptions about urgent care centers might raise …

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6 Surprising Signs of Dehydration

Dehydration usually occurs when the body has insufficient fluids to function properly.  While mild dehydration may just make you feel a little tired and thirsty, severe dehydration can lead to fainting spells, blood clots, seizures, and other complications that can lead to seeking medical attention. Normal symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth and throat, dizziness, …

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