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Alan McClintick

Allen McClinticka

Physician Assistant

Professional Statement

Meet Alan McClintick, a dedicated and compassionate Physician Assistant (PA) at Instant Urgent Care. With six years of unwavering commitment to the organization, Alan has become a cornerstone of the medical team, offering his wealth of experience and expertise to provide exceptional healthcare to the community.

Originally from Los Angeles, Alan’s journey in medicine has taken him from California, to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the Asia Pacific Region and back. His experiences across different regions have contributed to his versatile and holistic approach to patient care.

Transitioning from the military, Alan continued his journey in the medical field by becoming a Physician Assistant. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to graduate from the University of Nebraska with a degree in biomedical science, a testament to his dedication to expanding his medical knowledge.

Alan’s commitment to serving others began during his impressive 21.5-year military career with the Air Force. His tenure included roles as an air-medical technician, search and rescue operations, and an eight-year service in the flight surgeon’s office, all of which provided him with a profound understanding of emergency medical care.

Outside of the clinic, Alan is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He finds solace in the beauty of nature through activities like camping and hiking. His love for the outdoors reflects his belief in the healing power of nature and the importance of a well-rounded, active lifestyle.

Alan McClintick’s dedication to his patients, extensive medical background, and commitment to nurturing future medical professionals make him an invaluable asset to the Instant Urgent Care team. His journey from a distinguished military career to a dedicated healthcare provider exemplifies his unwavering commitment to serving others, both in and out of the clinic.

Alan brings a broad spectrum of medical knowledge to Instant Urgent Care. His extensive background in emergency medicine is complemented by specialized training in orthopedics and internal medicine. This versatile expertise ensures that he can address a wide range of patient needs with confidence and precision.

Alan’s passion for medicine extends beyond patient care. He takes pride in educating and mentoring new staff pursuing careers in the field of medicine, passing on his knowledge and experiences to the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Qualifications and Experience:


His medical training was in the military through the University of Nebraska

Languages Spoken: 

English ,  Spanish , Hindi , Urdu , Punjabi

Board Certifications:

Physician Assistant Board (PAB)

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Physician Assistant (PA) at Instant Urgent Care